Fire & Life Safety Operations- When fire and life safety inspections are critical, WAGsys Technologies using the CIVICgov platform  provides the most comprehensive mobile solution to manage the most complex fire safety inspection operations of mega retail centers, educational campuses, hospital facilities, corporate complexes, and large scale commercial and rental properties. 
The system links to the code enforcement and mapping system to quickly and effectively track all fire and safety inspections and issue violation notices. 

Detailed Parcel Card Data - exists for each building, floor, unit, or room. In large scale operations such as dorms, apartment rentals, commercial store units or other retail operations, inspection data and historical record archives are kept at each individual unit level.  The system can be accessed by members responding to emergency calls from within their trucks.  

Cross Reference Operating Permits, Business Licenses & Violations - The system displays all permits, violations and licensing records assigned to the subject location.   This history provides emergency response members with the information they need. 

Enabling Inspectors - CIVICgov enables inspectors to attach photos and other documents directly to the record while in the field.    Fire code data is easily accessible for referencing the appropriate code issues.  

Occupancy Limits - CIVICgov allows the agency to track detailed occupancy limits in several ways.  In areas where there are changing room configurations such as moveable walls in catering halls and gyms, the system provides a quick occupancy system to monitor and appropriately tag each possible configuration. 

Managing Individual Units - CIVICgov provides  a detailed unit tracking system that allows inspectors and office staff to easily manage 100's of inspections, parcel card data, and occupancy use and occupancy limit classifications down to the simplest level, the individual unit.

Units are associated with individual retail stores within a large scale mall operation, individual residential or commercial office space within a highrise building or cluster building environment.

The system also allows for quick modifications, and additions to the following:

Customized Checklists

Customized Notification Placards

Customized Inspection Type Lists