Permitting Mangement - CIVICgov provides an efficient way to monitor every step of the permit and project review process.  There are many variables that apply to each and every permit and project.  The system will effectively monitor from permit application submission through the online citizen portal, through the review and approval process, into construction inspections and on to completion with the issue of certificates and maintenance of all documents and images related to the permit and project in the document repository.

Key Features Include:
-A complete plan review process and linkage to project system
-Links to the contractor database to ensure current licensing
-Create applications from the portal and select approved contractors
-Mobile Inspection system based on permit type and use selected
-Automated department routing, workflow status and email system
-Monitor every step of the review and approval process
-Links to online payment module
-Contractor portal linkage to check status of approvals & inspections
-Instantly generate certificates after required steps are completed