Adjacents - Instantly identify properties with a select radius for printing bulk envelopes and letters.  
Report Card - Tracks all open records across all modules to ensure expiration dates are managed and nothing slips through the cracks. 
Parcel Data - The system keeps detailed parcel tax data and updates are easily completed using the import feature. The system links to the GIS mapping system. 
Units and Lots - Easily and quickly track any type of sub-division. Instantly assign new parcel numbers to major sub-divisions and have all the records follow.  We keep a history file so you can always see the parent parcel history. 

At the heart of the system is parcel management. It tracks properties, buildings, campus environments activities to a specific location.  In keeping with our philosophy of "Powerfully Simple", users can instantly access every record associated with a property or location. Permits, certificates, complaints, violations, all fees, projects, and any business or contractor license linked to a location is easily managed and viewed within a couple clicks.

The system easily manages large scale rental complexes, mega-mall shopping centers and clustered campus environments. Using our unit concept, records can be tracked down to a specific unit, floor or even a room.