Inspections - CIVICgov provides real-time, mobile inspections that allow inspectors to easily and quickly manage their inspections and other activities.  Electronic checklists link to every inspection. The system links to the portal where contractors, applicants, and owners can instantly see the status of completed inspections and request new inspections.

Inspections are available for permits, projects, fire/safety operations, violations, and complaints.   All inspections are displayed in a easy list format for searching.  The open records are also displayed in the mapping system for quick viewing in the field. 

Key Features:
- Complete Mobile Solution 
- Detailed Customizable Field Checklists
- Failed Inspections Link to Violation Data
- Complete Mobile Inspection Calendar
- Linked to Document Repository
- Quick Re-inspect Feature 

Assigned Inspections - are easily managed using the mobile calendar system.  Inspectors receive real-time data and schedule changes while in the field.  The entire inspection process can be accessed from any mobile device.  The re-inspect feature let's you quickly reschedule failed, incomplete or partial inspections on very large projects.   Inspections populate the permit record based on permit type and Use

Failed Inspections - When an inspection fails, users have the ability to create a violation ticket or notification instantly in the field.  The System cross-references each failure among the various modules.

Detailed Inspection Records - are directly linked to each permit application.  Inspection notification results are immediately posted to the citizen portal where applicants, contractors, and owners can review the details of the inspections.  Contractors can schedule additional inspections as required.   

Digital inspection evidence is quickly attached to each record directly from the devices camera.  The customized checklist for each inspection type is available with one click from the main inspection record display.   Inspectors in the field can instantly complete and update the status of the inspection.   

Inspection Calendar - used by scheduling staff in the office and inspectors in the field to completely and accurately control the inspection scheduling process.  The public portal provides contractor, applicant and owner access to request inspections while staff can assign inspectors and the inspectors can schedule their own inspections based on previous inspection time frames or the staff in the office can have complete control over inspection schedules.    The system also tracks inspectors on vacation, sick leave and days they are not available to work in the field.  Hot link button provided through an information bubble let the field staff quickly link directly to the inspection record.