Complaint Tracking - has never been easier as it is with CIVICgov.  Whether entered in from the public portal, called in, sent via email, or delivered in person, each and every complaint is routed to the appropriate department and tracked until resolution.

The system links to the projects and permitting system so staff can quickly identify properties with associated complaints before continuing with project and permit application procedures. There are numerous drop down lists that are customized for each customer.  

The Office Safety system ensures code enforcement staff are aware of any security concerns at the property location. 

Complaint/Violation Linkage - The Complaint system links directly to the inspection module.  Complaint inspections are easily tracked and when required, in just one mouse click a complaint can be converted to a violation.  The system keeps a toggle-typed link between the originating complaint and the current violation. Various reports and letters can be generated to notify the appropriate person associated with the property

Public Works Departments - can utilize the system to manage and create work tickets for road hazard, sidewalk, curb, utility, and infrastructure-related complaints.