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Our Product, Service, and Committment to Our Customers, Speaks For Itself!

Test Before you Subscribe! - At WAGsys, we let you test drive the software before you commit to subscribing to our services.  

Over 98% of those that tried our software chose CIVICgov for their agency

We want happy customers!  If we keep you happy, give you great service, offer you the latest technology, and provide software that works the way you need it to, all at a fair price, there is no reason to lock you into a won't want to leave us! 

As an agency looking for software, there are so many options out there. To work through these, you should be able to try it before you commit.  Otherwise, you could be stuck with something that doesn't do what they said it will, or something you just do not like

Did you ever hear this from a company?  "We are in the business of selling software, not letting you try it"   If you have, take a look at what we have to offer.  

Talk to us today and find out why we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating for the past 5 years.

Training - We offer unlimited training all built-in to your annual subscription.  A user training and live test site is maintained so staff can continually practice and learn new features withour testing in the live container.  Regular webinars are provided to display new features and provide follow-up training as required.